Fostering a dog may seem like a formidable task, but it’s a very tangible way to make a difference and it is one of the most rewarding things a dog lover can do.

Our rescue depends on foster homes to allow us to pull dogs from overcrowded shelters.  Dogs Fur Days provides all supplies and medical care necessary to keep your foster dog healthy and happy. With your help, we will continue to look for permanent homes for these dogs, but fostering keeps them safe until that occurs.

By temporarily opening your home to a dog in need you are:

  • Freeing up a spot so the shelter can take in another dog.
  • Giving your foster dog relief from a stressful shelter environment.
  • Learning more about the dog so she/he can be matched with the best home possible.
  • Socializing the dog in a home environment and helping him/her acclimate to other pets, different types of people and situations.

Interested?  Please contact us or email!